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Securing the clicks serves as a practical guidebook for corporations wishing to safeguard their interests, assets, and rights and defending their digital assets and reputation from attacker.

The H.U.M.O.R Matrix

Our framework for the implementation of a complete SSM strategy is the H.U.M.O.R matrix, Human Resources, Utilization, Monetary, Operations and Reputation.

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Jason Inasi

Mr. Inasi is CEO & co-founder of The Factory Interactive, a digital design and marketing agency and President of the Inasi Group an international, multi-disciplinary, technology advisory firm.

Gary Bahadur

Mr. Bahadur was the cofounder and CIO of Foundstone Inc a $20M security vulnerability risk management firm with five offices in the United States, Singapore and India.

Alex de Carvalho

Mr. deCarvalho develops social media initiatives and networks from business planning to launch. He co-founded and runs a worldwide community for physicians, VoxMed.

What others are saying

  • I liked the fact that they actually have a practical example of a company that they follow though out the book. They apply the security tools and tactics to how a real company would implement the strategies they discuss.TechLaw
  • Haven't seen any book address the topic of social networking security before besides this one. There are others that discuss OSINT and intelligence or analytics related to security or investigations with social networks, but none that examine the core issues (especially from a business perspective). Dre on Amazon.com
  • The examples provided in through the book raise the level of importance warranted to this subject. I have already use the framework to assist others in developing their social media policies and raising the level of awareness to the right audience (e.g. executive management). this book provides hand-on information on how to craft and monitor a viable social media policy. Angela on Amazon.com

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